ACCMS, Kyoto U.


ppOpen-APPL/BEM Group

Group leaderProf. Takeshi Iwashita


This group is developing software framework and tools to support boundary element analyses conducted on parallel computers. The software consists of two components. One is framework software, and the other component is a set of templates for specific problem domains. Each template describes how the element of the coefficient matrix is generated by means of integral operations, and it can be used together with the framework. The framework for general purpose boundary element analyses, in which dense matrix operations are involved, has been developed. The framework supports file accesses by multiple processes, parallelization of generation of a coefficient matrix, and parallel linear solver based on the hybrid parallel programming model. Moreover, we are also developing framework employing an H-matrix method for the matrix vector multiplication. Because the H-matrix method substantially reduces the operation counts in the matrix vector multiplication compared with the implementation based on dense matrix operations, it can be useful for large-scale analyses.

Member list

  • Takeshi IwashitaKyoto Univ.
  • Kazuro HiraharaKyoto Univ.
  • Naoshi NishimuraKyoto Univ.
  • Shoji HamadaKyoto Univ.
  • Takeshi MifuneKyoto Univ.
  • Yasuhito TakahashiDoshisha Univ.
  • Akihiro IdaKyoto Univ.